3. Event Production

1. Artist Personal Management / Brand Development

2. Record Label / Music Production

We develop artists and manage careers. We find the right partners in recording and publishing. 
We are a growing company, constantly seeking the cutting edge. We are an aggressive company, working all hours, making anything possible. We are an experienced company with thriving accomplishments.
We are a team. We are a creative force. We are an enterprising framework. We give direction and support, advice and counsel. We are demanding. We are giving. We maximize potential. We create a buzz. We believe in our artists. 
Our artists believe in us. Our innovation opens the door, our tenacity pushes us through and our results move us forward.

We are presently comprised of three core business elements with locations in Chicago, Las Vegas, and New York.

Our in-house recording studio, producers and marketing staff help to guide the artist in the right direction.  We assist in formulating and bringing to life the identity and the sound that defines the artist and connects them to their audience.

KMA Enterprises, Incorporated: