We work with Actors in Chicago and New York helping them to develop their brand, negotiate their deals, manage their day-to-day affairs and organize their appointments.  

We create and provide the following:

1. Headshots. Four "looks" for different markets in color:
    Personality Shot: This photos shows who you really are.
    Commercial Shot: You should smile with teeth and wear bright, warm colors.  
    Film/TV Shot: Who you could play in a daytime or primetime TV series or Film. We help to determine where you fit.
    Theater Shot: Serious headshot / three-quarter length.

2. Resume. We design it and advise on content.  Inclusive of personal stats and accomplishments. 

3. Business / Promotional cards. We will create cards for distribution and self-promotion.

4. Composite card (Comp card). We have a full photography studio with in-house photoshop experts.

5. Bio and 1-sheet. We will create and compose your bio listing your major credits, training, recent roles, and personal interests.          We also create your press kit for online viewing and distribution.

6. Demo reel. We have full video production and post production facilities. Green screen, and on-site taping available. 

7. Website. We will create your website, build and maintain an effective web presence, all social media platforms and online                collaterals.

8. Marketing plan. We help create a newsletter, e-zine, e-mail campaign as well as personal meetings and referrals to industry              members.

9. Mentor and counsel. When you have someone in your corner, your career moves a lot faster. We can keep you accountable,            advise on everything from marketing tools to acing an agent interview and pick up the phone to refer you to industry                        professionals and negotiate your deals.